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Digital Smile Design Process

1. Patient Exam + Photos

Our state of the art photographic and imaging technologies enables us to capture, plan and analyse your smile; taking into account dental and facial features such as how you talk and laugh as well as your aesthetic expectations to digitally develop your new smile.

2. Designing a New Smile

After a 7-10 day design period, using the latest Digital Smile Design (DSD), we will create a personal smile that is unique to you and your aesthetic expectations that are also in balance with your functional needs.

3. Digital Smile Preview

After printing in our 3D printers we will transfer your digitally designed smile to your own mouth, in a removable format.

We can then adjust the new smile based on feedback from you to create the final blueprint of your new smile before any treatment is considered.

4. Final Smile Design + Digital Blueprint

Your final digital smile blueprint will be the result of the collaborative discussions between yourself and our highly trained cosmetic dentists.

This will provide the ideal design parameters for all planned treatment when you start to create your new smile.

5. Final Smile Makeover

Your final smile preview will be photographed and videoed in your mouth and provided for you to review.
This is the life-changing moment for you to see the end result before treatment that you can now control… more guesswork!

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